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OSBPA is looking for your help. Make a short video and submit it following the instructions below.

Bowling has been closed far too long and those in power are basically ignorant to what bowling really is. We need to educate them on what we can do within the parameters they have set forth. Just give us the chance!!

I would love to see all of you take a couple minutes of your day to submit a video explaining what bowling means to you or what it does for your life.

This is our chance to save the sport we love. Let's make our voices heard.

See the attached instructions below and let's get our game back rolling again!!!


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OSBPA Bowling Centers Information

WE ARE READY!   Oregon Bowling Centers need you!

It's been too long and if closed much longer without your help we will lose more centers.

Recently we hired a media company, spent 2 full days and hit 12 centers to create this video in one week. This is Urgent!

Oregon centers had no opening in sight, WE pushed and made progress to get into phase 2 successfully. Now it's time to get the rest of our bowling family centers open. Our ultimate goal is to get bowling into Phase One with restaurants where we feel we belong. Many overlook the convenience of food while bowling. We have space for social distancing, sanitized and have protocols to keep our guests safe.

OSBPA has been extremely active with our Proprietors in communicating with our County Commissioners, our Chamber of Commerces, and Governor Kate Brown's office however possible. Oregon Proprietors have never worked so well together for a common goal.

It's now your opportunity to be positive, productive, & help save the industry! Share this video everywhere possible to get seen by all the above sources and more. It can't be shared too much. Governor Kate Brown needs to see we are ready and united!

If you truly want to help, let's join in our efforts and work together!

We can't afford to roll backwards.