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Online Education Coordinator

Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America

817-385-8431 | 800-343-1329 ext. 8431

621 Six Flags Drive | Arlington, Texas 76011

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Pretty simple to get register. You can get to both programs on our welcome page at


1)      For On Demand Online Training courses, simply click on the logo directing you to


The Training courses are available 24/7 each and every day of the year. There are 10 courses, four of which are compliance courses. Most courses are of relative short time span, perhaps from ten minutes to 1-½ hours. The Safety course is a learning path and is made up of a few small courses.


2)      For Online Education & Management Certification Program courses, simply click he logo directing you to


Begins on the second Wednesday each month, with registration ending on the first Wednesday. Courses are then available 24/7 for approximately 18 days, ending on a given Sunday at midnight. We recommend beginning with no more than two to four courses in a month’s time. (For instance, August courses will be available for students on Wednesday, August 8th, until Sunday, midnight, August 26th.


Both sites have course and registration information for their programs. Let me know what you think!

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