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Great News!


We have 22 Oregon Junior Gold Youth registered for the 2024 Detroit Michigan Junior Gold Championships.

To support our youth, your Board of Directors voted to help with travel associated to get to the Championships up to $250 per person.


Qualifying factors are:

They must bowl in a youth league in an OSBPA member center.

They must complete the form in its entirety and agree to the following statement:

If I am unable to attend or violate the rules of conduct, I agree to repay the money to its original source.

Eligible expenses are airfare, hotel, food, or rental car and are reimbursed up to $250.

We look forward to the Athlete State Walk with the Oregon Flag. The Opening Ceremony is Sunday, July 14th and will kick off the 2024 Junior Gold Championships. We strongly recommend athletes attend this event as this was part of our inspiration in helping more Oregon Youth attend the Jr Gold Championship.


We hope they are spending many hours in your center practicing up until the big competition.

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